BYOC ft. James Cochran

We absolutely loved collaborating with James Cochran and his team at the LDF and V&A party so we caught up with him afterwards about what it is that makes his new collaboration BYOC our hot pick and one to watch!

What is the concept of BYOC and how does it differ from other bars in London?

Decor / presentation is key. We have quirky speakeasy vibes and use beautiful glassware, our Soho site is made up of seats and we source and make our syrups in house using fresh ingredients. Our mixologists can make anything, always creating something new!

How did you come to partner with James Cochran and his team?

We met James through friends and once we tried his food we were hooked!

How important and influential is design to your food and the restaurant itself?

Atmosphere is everything, we’ve paired minimalistic to offset the complexity of the eclectic menu.

What inspired you to set out on your own in such a fiercely competitive industry? What do you think makes you different? 

Michelin star isn’t always welcoming to new pallets. We want Londoners to get the quality without the price tag.

What are the biggest influences to your menus?

My past. From my Scottish Caribbean heritage to my work from Whitstable and The Ledbury.

With such a successful service at the LDF and V&A party how was the experience of cooking in such a unique venue?

Exhilarating! It’s a rush to put together that sort of presentation.

And finally what does the future hold for both BYOC and James Cochran?

Given our speakeasy nature, we’re keeping that secret a little longer.