Daniel Le Roux – Director, Tempo Pilates

As Tempo Pilates’ director, Daniel really does see Pilates as a way of life. Having qualified as a reps level three Personal Trainer and Sports Masseur through Premier Global Training, it was the natural choice for him to explore Pilates’ benefits – and this exploration turned into one of Daniel’s biggest passions! First introduced to the practice by one of the UK’s top trainers, Liz Bussey, he then traveled for ten months, successfully teaching mat-work and Pilates reformer classes to an international clientele. Daniel then returned to the UK and studied the Dynamic Pilates technique and Stott Pilates. He launched Tempo Pilates in 2010, with studios in Covent Garden WC2 and Hackney E8.

DANIEL’S FITNESS PHILOSOPHY – “Nothing will work unless you do.”

What does Design mean to you?

Design improve function, I’m a big fan of practical design. We also believe 80% of people do not read so to get a message across it’s all about design and layout.

What inspires you?


What would be your ideal collaboration?

Technology meets sportswear.  Perhaps a running vest telling how many calories you’ve burned, how much water lost you experience etc.

Do you feel there is any connection with design and health?

Every aspect of life requires design to evolve, health included. I also think design help improve fitness experience (more comfortable trainers, better fitness equipment) to encourage us to exercise more and improve health.

Do you think that Design or environment can affect a person’s heath?

Yip, clean design= Zen. Zen creates a calm environment. Also like to believe you cant go wrong with good storage design, less stress!

Do you think there are connections between a healthy body and creative mind?

Perhaps, an unhealthy body can distract.

What has been your biggest learning whilst starting up your own business?

How to deal with people/ staff. (note: still learning). Communication is the single most important aspect for any business to succeed. WE LOVE GOOGLE DOCS!

How do you adapt to working globally and what are the biggest challenges – specifically with different cultures?

No global plans yet, sorry  :  )

What projects are you looking forward to working on (or seeing) this year?

About to hire a brand designer/ marketing intern. Exited to finally after three year pull together a clear strategy we can all work on with clear vision and communication. Less stress and last minute deadlines.


To find out more about Daniel and Tempo Pilates visit tempopilates.com.