Max Fraser – An update on Design LDF 2016

What do you think the benefits are of good design in everyday life?

The benefits far exceed 140 characters on Twitter! Good design can empower positive change

in our world.

How do you think brands can use design to extend their reach?

Intelligent design has become widely recognised as a competitive tool for brands, helping

to define their DNA in the market.

How do you think Brexit will effect the design industry in the UK?

Design is part of the UK’s ‘soft power’ advantage in the world. Brexit has diminished that cultural reputation building.

The design industry is borderless. Talent is recruited from across the continent. Why jeopardise

that with BrexitBrexit threatens our education network as EU students will have to pay high fees and we may

lose Eramus exchange schemeBe nice, be open-minded, be brave when embracing designers.

Whatever you think a designer will deliver, expect the unexpected

How important do you think events like the LDF are for the design industry?

LDF and design festivals are punctuation moments of celebration when talent and ideas are made public and alive

What was your favorite installation at LDF this year? 

I really enjoyed @benjaminhubert1

FOIL installation at V&A – calm, beautiful and ethereal #LDF16

I’m interested in places in the world that are less obvious for design & will seek these out. Design permeates everywhere.

And finally other than LDF, what is your design destination for the year 2017?

My exhibition 100% Norway of course!