Sophie Hart – Aspirational Stylist

Sophie Hart – Stylist and creative director of Sophie Hart Styling.

With an aptitude for inventive solutions, a meticulous eye for detail and innate sense of style, Sophie Hart is widely recognised as one of the best in her profession.

For the last decade, Sophie Hart has established herself as one of Sydneys top stylist in the world of both fashion and interiors.

Sophie began her career in 2001 assisting on commercial shoots and it didn’t take long for this self motivated young woman of fashion to take off and start out on her own – establishing Sophie Hart Styling (SHS) the only styling company in Australia.

What does Design mean to you?

Design, is a form of Art, a form of communication. Art is a form of expression. My job revolves around using design, be it in the form of Art, Fashion or Furniture to help people express themselves in some way.

What would be your ideal collaboration?

My ideal collaboration would encompass things that I am most passionate about. Fashion, Art, Travel, Music. I recently worked on a job with Tourism Australia, which ticked a few of those boxes. It was an inspiring experience. I’d love to work with an organisation like the Australian Ballet. The Ballet is just so beautiful.

How do you think digital technology and social media affect the fashion & design industry?

The progression of technology has really seen the Fashion and Design industry evolve at a pace that can be hard to keep up with sometimes! Technology has increased efficiency from a production perspective, enables quicker purchasing decisions and also encouraged interaction between brand and consumer (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Social media in particular, gives people the ability to communicate part of the personality to the rest of the world.

How do you differentiate yourself from other fashion stylists?

My approach to styling is holistic and what I call ‘ Aspirational.’ I promote long lasting, timeless style rather then fashion as it comes and goes.

What are the different challenges you face working with corporate or private clients?

The Challenges become opportunities. No two people or brands are ever the same – that is the challenge. You have to adapt to each brief rather then apply a blanket approach.


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