We talk food and design with Studio Appetit

Studio Appétit is a multidisciplinary experience design studio, specializing in Eating Design and culinary oriented projects. We have had the pleasure of collaborating with in previous years so decided to catch up with them about food and design!

What do you think the benefits of good design are in everyday life?

By definition, good design has to benefit and improve. Make our lives easier, interesting, inspirational, funnier and better.

How do you think brands can use food design to extend their reach?

We’re up and ready with our 140 character answers in mind! That really is out of character for us….. we talk a lot! Food is the ultimate experience enhancer and a tool to extend brand identity to smart, interactive and memorable creations.

Why do you think food is now recognised in the design area?

Food is the secret weapon of experience design. Designing experiences is what we all target today – multi-sensory adventures.

Who is your “2017 one to watch”? 

We’re in! Not who, but what food. Food design and its integration as equal design, as an equal design discipline in the creation of bolder experiences.

What are your tips for companies trying to engage with new designers and agencies?

Don’t go for the obvious, leave that for the rest. Instead explore new a prospective, creative approaches and discover new talent.

How important do you think events like the LDF are for the design industry?

In our high paced digital world, the physical being has so much to give along with the importance or locality and origins.

What was your favourite installation at the LDF this year?

Many favourites but I think one of the smartest ones was the Dornbracht water experience that integrated within the Granary Square water feature so wisely.

Other than LDF what is your design destination for the year 2017?

We travel (and exhibit) all over the globe. Experiencing different design scenes, the next one for us is Design Miami.